Shawna Asks “Want to Hook Up?”


There is Importance of Recruiters & Hiring Managers “hooking up” with


Partnerships require understanding and here is our common understanding.  The hiring process is one of the most time consuming and energy depleting tasks.  I mean seriously, after a day of work….don’t tell me that your brain doesn’t hurt!

I am connected to you, you and you…. Yes that’s right, I’m talking to you.  I am here to network, recruit, source, interview and bring added value as a Business Engagement Specialist. I value “hook ups” within my position and appreciate messages in my LinkedIn in-box, e-mails in my Outlook ( and I look forward to being partner BFF’s.  What are you on here for- if not to utilize and take advantage of the platform? I don’t just “Link up” on LinkedIn to connect with others to see their profile pic, I am here because there is a genuine interest in mine and your profession. I am the only one who appreciates the fact that I work smarter and not harder?   I assist in filling open positions and maintain a successful strategic relationship with no cost but communication because I like getting a paycheck every two weeks, receiving benefits, driving my car, shopping, having a roof over my head and eating! Who doesn’t like to eat?! And it definitely makes the eight hours that I am on the clock productive.

I am all about “hooking up” to conduct site visits, I mean what’s the point in partnering with someone who knows nothing about your work life, right? The concept is simple I talk with you, you talk with me, I understand the role, familiarize myself with the company and from there we start the process. You have the final say so on the recommendation. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and all that is asked of you is to attend a few dates with me, a business engagement panel meeting or two (which is only 3 times a year and we feed you breakfast) and to write nice things on my behalf when asked lol!

I’m a big fan of e-mail communication it’s like texting! Hooking up with me is completely drama free, I provide you with social links, you have freedom because I am no cost, when your job is no longer open (because hopefully I filled it) it’s a clean and painless break (until you need me again, 702-636-2341) and I am open and honest. You can’t get any better than that! I come with a lot of perks and basically no headaches.

I work with recruiters and hiring managers who provide a living wage because a job isn’t just a job within my department. Although I work with all different job levels, I am most successful in intermediate level placements.  I also assist some of my biggest supporters UPS, Delta and Diamond in mass hiring events as well. It all depends on your needs and what you need but if you don’t let me know I can’t be personable and make this a mutually beneficial relationship.

So hook up with me as I’m only here to make job opportunities, departments and teams look great!