Importance of Business Partnerships

When you think of conferences, informational sessions or panel discussions you expect monotone lectures and boring PowerPoint slides that presenters read directly from, as if you could not read it on our own. Within any of the aforementioned all that is wanted is to gain access or obtain knowledge to things you can’t read or achieve on your own!
In joining and being an active part of our Business Engagement Panel, you will experience a connection with other attendees of likeminded business professionals. Our team has developed the panel to build upon community partnerships with local employers and provide an outlet which creates multiple channels of information.
By joining our panel and participating in the discussion not only do companies come together to share best practices and swap out ideas and strategies but learn how to work together with a common vision. It often times turn into lively group discussions and problem solving scenarios which works wells because HR mangers, recruiters and other with hiring authorities get multiple answers for questions that they may have. Learning how to get over or through obstacles that others have already endured. In the end it is all about interactivity.
For more information on how to join, call 702-636-2353 for more information.
by Shawna Rice